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*‘JMD Electrical & Building Supplies’* is a family business that begun with the vision of a young man at the helm. At a tender age he was very curious and very observant of his enrons. Being business minded, he ventured off to become an entrepreneur at the age of 7 years old. He shared his intentions to make money with his mom, and they supported his idea seeing his dream. His parents decided to invest in his dream, they loan him one hundred dollars ($100.00). With his determination and resilience, his business was realized when he started to sell bag juice in the buzzing town of May Pen (this was his personal choice). JMD Electrical & Building Supplies enjoy the enviable reputation of a first class business place, providing high quality goods and services. Having an Engineer as the head of operations, his was mission is to pride itself on its good corporate citizenship and its contribution towards the development of the community.

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